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~* Embroidery Hoop Door Hanger *~

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* Inkjet Printable Fabric.
* 1/4 yard Muslin Fabric.
* 8 inch Embroidery Hoop.
* Double Sided Sticky Tape.
* Hot Glue.
* Embellishments: Tulle, small beaded gimp, ribbons, buttons, bows: brads, metal tags, fancy gimp etc.
* 8 inch circle template.

Graphics are from CC22: Puppies and CC7: School.


Open a sheet in your print program. Import the 8" circle template. You may need to adjust your printer or print program margins to get the full 8" circle. Fill with desired graphics.

Follow manufacturer's instructions for the printable fabric to get the best results.

Iron the printed fabric sheet onto the muslin fabric. Run double sided sticky tape around the outside of the smaller inside rim of the hoop and adhere fabric to the smaller hoop frame centering printed fabric as needed. Press fabric to the tape as you go. Fit outside hoop rim over the inside hoop rim and and tighten as needed. Flip over and trim off excess muslin.

Use your hot glue and embellish your creation!

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